A wonderful Tet vacation in Vinpearl Land

Vinpearl Resort is a 5 star international-class is equipped by the modern equipment western style, but its modern without losing the wild beauty, charm a pearl island, in addition to a stunning beauty by the pool is a special design, plus green coconut leaves, which are known to draw flapping waves are creating a song du positive. That bowl adds more charm to the beauty Vinperland.

In Vinpearl Land, you can watch professional performances of dolphins, musical water theater, swimming in the blue ocean, or go climbing and enjoy many exciting games.

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Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang and Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc are the most interesting tourist destinations, where you can relax and enjoy the tropical weather in the best locations in Vietnam.

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It also has in-door and out-doors water and amusement park.

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Players will be experiencing many emotions from excitement, euphoria to thrill and when playing games in Vinpearl Land.

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Tornado brings to the travelers an endless pleasure.

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Besides the amusement parks are the aquarium, where you can explore hundreds of species of fish and rare animals such as pirarucu, penguins, sea fish statue, crocodile from Amazon River or Nemo fish, Napoleon fish, white sharks, King crab…

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Watching performances at the aquarium.

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A shopping mall with luxury and amenities stores are built from the inspiration of the peaceful, romantic Hoi An Old City will enchant the “Shopaholic”.

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Cuisine Village with the participation of all the hundreds of flavors will bring warm and delicious dinners in the New Year holidays.

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Besides the games and activities, Vinpearl Land also has art performances such as dancing dolphins’ performance, country music water scene – which visitors can enjoy the music with dynamic laser effects…



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