Witch cafe in Saigon

In the moonless night, residents will gather in the clearing in the woods, and eat noodles Ghost Pumpkin, drink Potions and dance in witchy tunes in the Tremble forest.

Welcome to the Three Brooms Coffee
Located gloomily and quietly on Ho Xuan Huong Street (District 3), it is hard to imagine this is a cafe shop. The cafe is decorated like a castle in the dark with all the windows closed, the yellow light makes the dark even gloomier.

cafe in Saigon 1
(Three Brooms Coffee from the outside)

Yes, you might curious what this place is about. Stepping inside, you will see decors like the herds of black crows, the witches sitting on the flying brooms.

On the map of the Three Brooms Town, which will be handed to you by elves or orcs, the roads to the town are like a maze. You will have to follow the roads like the Illusions Well, or Tremble Forest, the Owl Village… Places only exist in the fantasy world.

cafe in Saigon 2
(A map of the Three Brooms Town will be handed to you when you come here.)

The idea came to Ms Bui Tuong Anh, who wants to create a wonderland for children where the imagination is the only limit. She creates a world with faries, witches, spells and magic for the children and for those who still love the dreams they used to have. The cafe is designed to have a small theater call Nhai Ben inside for the children

cafe in Saigon 10

cafe in Saigon 9

cafe in Saigon 8

cafe in Saigon 7

cafe in Saigon 6

cafe in Saigon 5

cafe in Saigon 4

cafe in Saigon 3

The entire area of the cafe is about 700 to 800 meter squares, and the cafe is meticulously decorated. Right from the entrance, there is a witch statue standing on the well. Some will throw down the kybo, the town’s currency, for luck. Next is the baking area, where the guests can make their own cake. Next are many other shops like the woodshop, craft shop…

cafe in Saigon 11
(A passage hidden by glass under the statue.)
There is also a place inside the cafe that has the job to come up with the stories and names such as a story about the Tremble Forest or names like the Ghost Noodles, Poison drinks… All of these fantasies will make the children excited.

The name of the drinks and food are equally strange such as lumpy beetle, dark mud… Sometimes the guests don’t know what to order but that is some of the special thing about the cafe. The price for drinks and food is about 40,000 to 60,000 VND.



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