Vietnam is one of the best place to be in the middle age

A research led by Ryan Howsam, the CEO of Staysure Insurance Co. has proven that Vietnam is one of the best place should not be missed for those who want to have a magical retire vacation.

According to Staysure, the most problematic issues for tourists over 50 are costs (52%), family commitment (16%), and healthcare (10%).

ganh da dia - vietnam
Vietnam has many beautiful natural sightseeing locations that mesmerized tourists

The research indicates that more 90% of British regret for not traveling with friends and families when they were young. However, they think that 50 is not a bad time for some trips around the world.

Vietnam ranked 11 over 15, a wonderful place to visit with so many historical, culture and natural attractions.

The best 15 places for over 50
1. Seychelles
2. Maldives
3. USA
4. Mauritius
5. Bahamas
6. Barbados
7. Cuba
8. Singapore
9. Japan
10. China
11. Vietnam
12. India
13. Thailand
14. Peru
15. Fiji



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