Tra Nhieu, a peaceful village in central Vietnam

Tra Nhieu village in the central Vietnamese province of Quang Nam used to be a well-known commercial port. Now, it has become an attractive, ideal eco tourism destination for travelers.

The village, located along the Thu Bon River, seems to be more crowded in early summer as people tend to spend their free time at a windy, cool place.

Besides walking from the My Son Sanctuary through Nam Phuoc Town, tourists can choose another way to go to the village, which is taking a 3km, 15-minute boat trip from Hoi An Ancient Town along the Thu Bon River.

Tra Nhieu looks pristine, even deserted, from afar, but it turns into a crowded, ideal place to visit when approached.
One of the special traits that the village first impresses tourists with is the forest of nipa palm, a species of palm which has proliferated thanks to the area’s saline waters. It creates a 10-hectare green, thick “wall” which surrounds and protects Tra Nhieu Village.

The forest houses numerous types of valuable seafood, especially shrimp, crabs, oysters and snails, not to mention its romantic, peaceful, and Vietnamese traditional landscape.

Travelers who come to Tra Nhieu Village should also experience the “nha vuon,” a type of house surrounded by areca palm trees, where they can take a nap on a hammock, feel the cool air, and look at the wide blue sky.

This eco-tourism destination allows people to observe traditional jobs such as jute cultivation, making fishing nets and fishing. Visitor can even try to do these tasks themselves.

The Ban Thach mat village, which belongs to the Tra Nhieu area, is another place that visitors should take a look at.
With abundant sources of raw rush and jute, the materials used to weave mats, Ban Thach villagers have succeeded in turning them into harmoniously-colored products.

Tourists can stay at residential houses where they will have the chance to enjoy delicious, traditional food with fresh, natural ingredients such as fish, vegetables and shrimp which have been produced through healthy, safe growing processes.

tra nhieu village 1

The forest of nipa palm creates a 10-hectare green, thick “wall” which surrounds and protects Tra Nhieu Village

tra nhieu village 2

Travelers can walk along a bamboo bridge to visit the nipa palm forest.

tra nhieu village 3

Cycling along the river is one of the pleasures that many tourists choose in order to enjoy the fresh, natural air of the region.

tra nhieu village 4

“Nha vuon,” a type of house surrounded by areca palm trees, is one of the special characteristics of Tra Nhieu Village.

tra nhieu village 5

A traveler is seen trying to catch fish.

tra nhieu village 6

The Ban Thach mat village with its harmoniously-colored products.

tra nhieu village 7

tra nhieu village 8

tra nhieu village 9

Many visitors enjoy eating “sia,” a popular type of seafood in Tra Nhieu Village.



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