Hoi An – One of the Top Ten Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Among the names that are already well-known, Hoi An is smaller, cheaper, yet even more ancient, elegant, and for the most part, tastier.

Here is the top 10 of the most romantic locations on earth.

1. Udaipur, India
Like a mirage on the edge of the Thar Desert, Udaipur is truly the lost treasure in the world of sands with gorgeous palaces, majestic fortresses and with the craftsmen and jewelers producing the best crafts in the world. The Pichola is the heart of Udaipur, where the architecture of the Rajput period mesmerizes anyone who visits the pearl of India.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations  india

2. Waiheke Isaland, New Zealand
This is the place where tourists can swim in the sea surrounded by emerald mountains. It also has dozens of factories and wine shops, so the couple can enjoy the heaven on earth with some of the best things on earth, wine. It takes only 30 minutes to ferry across the Hauraki Gulf and then you can set foot on this paradise.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - new zealand

3. Cafayate, Argentina
The romantic views painted themselves in front of the Andes before among hills and colorful cafes along the way. Come to Cafayate, you will not escape the beauty that only be seen in heaven. It must be God places the heaven here in Cafayate.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - argentina

4. Hội An, Vietnam
For the gourmets, but unfortunate to have a tight budget, this is the place for you to come and enjoy. Besides the attraction of cuisines, Hoi An was also highly recognized by its old look, elegant but equally romantic.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - hoi an

5. Quirimbas Islands, Mozambique
Located off the coast of northeastern Mozambique, Quirimbas archipelago is where the white of the sand covers the earth, and the turquoise of the water dominates the sea. It is considered the most ideal place for scuba diving in Africa or simply just to stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - Mozambique

6. Middleburg, Virginia, United States
Middleburg is quite crowded. But she does not noisy. She is no longer young but never outdated. Along the street are houses with white fence, with curving vines gently crawling along. At the end of the street, many wineries await to be discovered… All you need to bring to Middleburg is love.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - US

7. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar Bridge is considered a symbol of reconciliation and national compromise in the Balkans, with cobblestone streets, colorful multi-ethnic shops and restaurants along Neretva River… are tourist destination not to be missed here.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - bosnia

8. Peter Island, British Virgin
With a marina, two amusement parks, four dining options, five beaches and lots of opportunities to boating, scuba diving, Peter island is the paradise for couples. It offers many exciting experiences that should not be missed in a lifetime.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - virgin

9. Vernazza, Italy
Vernazza is one of five fishing villages, which are generally known as Cinque Terre. The Sentiero Azzurro (The Blue Trail) connect Riomaggiore and Manarola village, is the perfect place for a picnic lunch, for a walk through the surrounding hills and vineyards.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - italia

10. Galle, Sri Lanka
The Old City is one of the most beautiful and peaceful coastal cities in Sri Lanka. The coast of Sri Lanka is not long. However, the place is famous for its ancient cities.

top 10 Most Romantic Destinations - srilanka (865)


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