Top 5 Marketplaces for Tourists in Saigon

Bargaining is not common in some countries, but in Vietnam it really is. In Vietnam, bargaining is always worthwhile. Yet, it is not always due to the fact that the local have a great deal of time and very little money.
Bargaining is part of Vietnamese culture as through bargaining people communicate with others, create and build up their relationship, not to mention a form of entertainment.

In the most famous markets in Vietnam, you can experience the bargain culture with a little bit fun.

Bến Thành Market – A fascinating destination
The symbol of prosperity of the wealthy Saigon, Ben Thanh market is not only a buzzing marketplace, but also a destination for many tourists because of its historical value. In this large-scale marketplace located in the heart of Saigon, you can virtually find anything you want, from affordable to luxury. The list is consisted of fruit, candies, cakes, fabric, souvenirs… The price is not so expensive comparing to the items in the market. If you are good at bargaining, you can buy the retail products with the wholesale price.

ben thanh market
(The huge market in the city center has all kinds of products. And the shopkeepers can be very fluent in many languages. Photo: Phan Nhất)

Bình Tây Market – A giant grocery
Less formally known to the Saigon people as Chợ Lớn (or Big Market), Binh Tay market has approximately 2,300 businesses selling more than 30 different types of products. You can easily find anything you need from spices, jams, clothes, grocery… The items here are numerous and the prices are fit for everyone. The market serves as the wholesaler for many other markets, but if you want to buy a retail product, the shopkeepers will happily sell it to you, if you know how to bargain.

binh tay market

Dân Sinh Market – A little bit of history
Flooded with the military green color, Dan Sinh market is the largest army surplus market in the country. Entering the market, which was opened before 1975, you will find many fascinating objects like military boots, a zippo lighter, tent, hammock or shovels… This is also a familiar destination for travelers. They come here to find things for their trips like military backpack, water bottle, compass, flashlight, rope… Things that only used by the military are definitely useful for a long trip. The market is located 5 minutes from the city center. It is also a good market for electronics and other types of imported industrial machinery.

Marketplaces for Tourists in Saigon - dan sinh market
(Many foreign tourists also frequently come to Dan Sinh Market. Photo: songkhoeonline)

Hồ Thị Kỷ Market – A place where scents and colors are one
Opened in 1987, Ho Thi Ky flower market is the largest wholesale market in Saigon. Every night, convoys from Dalat, from the southwest, or from the central regions flood the market, carry the flowers, fruits and vegetables for every market in the city. Under the golden light, shops selling flowers became brilliantly colorful. The roses in all colors: yellow, red, white, the lily, the marigold are all gather here, in Ho Thi Ky.

Marketplaces for Tourists in Saigon - ho thi ky
(The colorful bouquet of flowers sold in the market of Ho Thi Ky. Photo: Quan Nguyen Minh)

Saigon Square – A shopping paradise
From clothes to shoes, handbags to sunglasses, any fashion accessories can be purchased in Saigon Square. The items are numerous; the prices are affordable if you try to bargain a little bit. The items are constantly updated by the seasons and trends. During the Tet holidays, Saigon Square is always crowded with shoppers come to purchase new clothes and fashion accessories. Not only the locals who enjoy the market, there are also many foreign tourists come to purchase some items.

Saigon Square



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