Tips for travelling in Long Hai

Long Hai Beach is a beautiful beach that is exotic but still quite wild scenery. It is a perfect place for those who love the beach but dislike crowded and noisy places. Here are some of the experiences that we would like to share with you when travelling to Long Hai.

Experiences for a trip to Long Hai

Long Hai is a town that is located in Long Dat District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, 12km to the Northeast of Vung Tau, and 7km to the Southeast of the Ba Ria town, which is very convenient if you decided to travel here.

Travel to Long Hai by coaches

Long Hai is 100Km distant from Ho Chi Minh, you can easily catch a coach which goes on the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Hai route at the East station, there are many bus lines and time that runs continuously from 4AM to 7:30PM, if Long Hai is the destination then it only costs less than 100K VND/trip (about 5USD/trip). You can contact some of the bus lines below:

  • Thien Phu Bus Lines: 08 35112958 – 064 3663366 – 064 3747272 – 0914 957979 – 0917351035
  • Hoang Mai Bus Lines: 064 3868609 – 0918 341440 – 0918 162675

There are not many coaches that travel to Long Hai, especially in holidays the ticket price would be even more expensive than normal days, (according to the East station and coach routes in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, the surcharge is about 40%), not to mention some of the bus lines are out of service for a few days on Tet Holiday. Therefore, you can catch coaches that travel to Vung Tau or Ba Ria and then catch taxis, motorcycle taxis, or buses to go to Long Hai.

  • Hoa Mai Bus Lines: Vung Tau: (064).3531982 – 3531981 – 3531980. Ba Ria : 0907 200200 – 064 3712779 – 0909 200200. Ho Chi Minh City: (08).38218928
  • Phuong Trang Bus Lines: Ho Chi Minh City: (08).38309309. Vung Tau: (064).3525354. Ba Ria: (064).3826768
  • Rang Dong Bus Lines: Vung Tau: (064).3525678. Ho Chi Minh City: (08).35111111
  • Mai Linh Bus Lines: Ho Chi Minh City: (08).39292929. Vung Tau: (064).3576576.
  • Kumho Bus Lines: Ho Chi Minh City: (08).35116861. Vung Tau: (064).3611111

For those who live in Ha Noi, North or Middle provinces, you can travel by plane or train to Ho Chi Minh City, and then move on to Long Hai.

Moreover, you can go to Vung Tau City by hydrofoil and then continue to Long Hai. If hydrofoil is your choice, then you go to Bach Dang Port on Ton Duc Thang Street. Ticket price is from 200,000 to 250,000 VND.


Travel to Long Hai by personal vehicles

You can visit Long Hai by your own car or motorbike, or rented car which is very convenient and flexible. There are two routes to Long Hai

Route 1: Drive through national route 1 (in the direction of Phan Thiet), to Vung Tau junction and then turn right to national route 51 in the direction of Vung Tau. When arriving to Ba Ria, turn left to provincial route 44A to go to Long Hai (the road from Ba Ria town to Long Hai includes many ways, so you need follow the signs along the road or ask the native people). The whole route is 100km in length.

Route 2: Follow the road of Cat Lai ferry (District 2, HCMC) – Nhon Trach (Dong Nai). The road will lead to the entrance of Nhon Trach industrial park on national route 51. When you arrive here, turn left to national route to go to Ba Ria. This way would save you from 20km of road but it is more difficult to travel than the first route.


Hotels in Long Hai

Depends on you expense condition, you can chose to stay in tents, motels, hotels, or from high-class to resorts that fit your condition. On holidays, you should book your rooms early to get good price and avoid out of room situation.

If you rent your tents at near the sea of Long Hai, you should choose a safe area, such as Deo Nuoc Ngot Resort … and Ho Tram beach and remember to bring your sleeping bags along with you.

Some of the hotels for your references:

  • Anoasis Resort (4 stars):  Ky Van, Long Hai town, Long Dien district,
    Tel: (84-643) 868 227/ 868 228 . Romantic and gorgeous scenery, appropriate for relaxing.
  • Tropicana Resort : 44A street, Long Hai town, Dat Do district, Phuoc Hai beach, Tel: (84-64) 367 8888
  • Long Hai Beach Resort:  44 provincial route, Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Tel: (064) 3661 350
  • Long Hai Hotel (2 stars) : Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Tel: (84-643) 868 010
  • Gold Stars Hotel (2 stars): 44 provincial route, Long Hai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Tel : (84-643) 843 979 – 0937 34 34 29
  • Đoàn An Dưỡng 298 Hotel : belongs to General Department of Defense Industry – Ministry of, Tel: (064) 868 648
  • Dong Nai Union Hotel : Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Tel: (84-643) 868 312
  • Rang Dong Hotel: Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Tel: (84-643) 868 356
  • Xanh Long Hai Hotel : Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Tel: (84-643) 863 169
  • Quang Minh Hotel: 19a/4 Group 4 Phuoc Binh hamlet, Phuoc Tinh village, Long Dien district, Tel: (064) 3673 655
  • Dong Nai Motel: Hai Ha 2 neighborhood, Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Tel: (064) 3868 421
  • Huong Bien Hotel: Hai Phong hamlet, Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

You can contact directly to the hotels or book your rooms online on reliable website such as: Viet Nam,,,,, etc.



In order to go sight-seeing, you can rent motorcycles, bicycles, or use motorcycle taxi service.

Motorcycle rental: you can ask the hotel you are staying in or contact: 0643.678.778, 0989587838

Motorcycle taxis: they are everywhere, motorcycle taxi riders are very friendly, they can be your tour guides, but first remember to make a deal about the money.


Food and Drinks

Long Hai has a beautiful beach with blue sea, golden sand along the coast; especially when you come here, you would have a chance to enjoy fresh seafood like cuttlefish, shrimp, flower crab, etc. with a quite cheap price. Some of the specialties that you cannot miss when visit Long Hải: ray hotpot (lẩu cá đuối), lobster blood pudding (tiết canh tôm hùm), or local food like soup cake (bánh canh), barbecue rice vermicelli cake (bánh hỏi thịt nướng), Vietnamese seafood-pancake (bánh xèo miền biển).

If you want to buy fresh seafood with reasonable price, you can go to Long Hai market in the morning about 6AM. Or if you stay near the beach, you can find Vietnamese canoe, or fishing boat of local people to buy fresh seafood with cheap price around 5 or 6AM.

You can eat at your resort’s hotels, the food of Ho Tram beach resort, Ho Coc beach resort which is diverse but expensive, or you can also chose local restaurants along Long Hai beach, or go to the direction of Dinh Co because there are many local restaurants with cheap price but good quality food on normal days, or hawkers with many ready-made food right on the coast. Some of the restaurants for your references:

  • Hai Phung restaurant: 16/65 Phuoc Hiep ward, Ba Ria town (Tel: 064 825759).
  • Right at the welcome entrance to Ba Ria town, there is Long Huong restaurant that serves banh canh with pork.
  • Sai Gon OK restaurant is 200m distant from the welcome entrance of Ba Ria town which serves fresh seafood with good attitudes.
  • At Cho Ben fork there is Con Co restaurant that serves fresh seafood and other food.
  • Thuy Duong resort-hotel-restaurant is near the beach with delicious seafood but with high price, so if you have good condition then you should chose this destination.
  • At Loc Anh town there is Phuong Trang restaurant with very delicious but expensive fresh seafood.
  • Or you can buy seafood and bring them to restaurants on Minh Dam mountain and they will cook those for you.



These are some of the attractions of Long Hai and its neighborhood such as: Dinh Co, Monkey Pagoda, Minh Dam Mountain, Ho Tram, etc.

Dinh Co Temple: a temple with traditional structure, it is related to the faith and belief of local people, who worship a virgin which died from drowning; the temple located on the summit of a windy hill at Long Hai beach. Every year, the festival usually lasts for 3 days (February 10, 11, 12 according to Lunar calendar) and attract pilgrims from everywhere.

Dinh Co Beach: located right at the foot of Dinh Co Temple. The beach’s sand here is yellowish and very smooth; the waves are mild, with sloping coast. The beach is broad which is suitable for sport activities, group activities and weekend get-away.

Minh Dam Mountain: a military base in war time. The asphalted road which leads to the mountain though is easy to go, quite narrow, halfway to the peak we can see the whole scenery of Long Hai, with the sea on one side, and the mountain on the other side, creating a romantic and exotic vision. Some attractions on the mountain: Minh Dam Monument War zone, Ngoc Tuyen Pagoda, Bach Van Cave.

Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Monastery also known as Monkey Pagoda. The Pagoda’s structure is quite simple; in here they worship Shakyamuni meditating on a lotus. The Pagoda’s view is gorgeous. Follow the right side of the Pagoda to the Ky Van Mountain. There are many stones with strange shapes here.

Deo Nuoc Ngot Resort: covered by poplars and other plants, therefore it still can stay true to its natural-ecological beauty. The resort has a coast which is 800 meters in length, it is an ideal place to play in the beach. When the spring comes, on Lunar New Year, the cherry blossoms bloom beautifully. Besides Long Hai Beach, you should also visit salt marsh: visiting salt marsh, understanding the technique in producing salt of local people, or you can go to some places nearby: Ho Tram, Ho Coc, Binh Chau hot spring.

Ho Coc Beach: The beach is more than 500 meters in length and still has its wild beauty, with transparent sea water and wide cool sands; the beach is on one side and the forest is on the other side with green fresh poplars creating a completely peaceful and relaxing feeling. Ho Coc Beach has Ho Coc Resort opens for visitors to bath and sight-seeing in day, suitable for every kind of travelers who come here.

Ho Tram Beach is a junction between Long Hai beach and Binh Thuan Province, is 50km distant from Vung Tau. Follow the beach about 10km tourists will arrive at Ho Coc beach. From here to Binh Chau hot spring is about 20km. Ho Tram Beach is invested by 4 to 5 stars high-class resort so the beach is quite clear, the rooms’ price are high and there are no local restaurant so it is only suitable for tourists with high income and prefer long days of relaxation – eating and drinking is completely inside the resort.

Binh Chau Hot Spring: This is a resort with breathtaking natural ecology. Among the endless primary forest emerges a hot spring zone with 70 exposed eruption points which creates a river system with a temperature from 37oC to 82oC all year. In this water source contains many matters such as silicon, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, etc. which function is healing. (6397)


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