The Delights From An Giang

Welcome to An Giang, a part of the Mekong Delta, the rice bowl of Vietnam and bordered with Cambodia to the northwest. An Giang first became a province in 1832, having been settled by ethnically Vietnamese migrants moving southwards in search of new land. It is believed that An Giang was once an important centre of the vanished Óc Eo culture, presumably owing to its position on the river. Traditionally, An Giang has been known for its silk industry.
An Giang is home to a sizable number of people from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. Due to the province’s proximity to Cambodia, the Khmer Krom are the largest non-Vietnamese group. Other groups, such as the Cham and ethnic Chinese (Hoa), are also found in An Giang.

As part of the Mekong Delta, the life of the people here is the life on the boat. They float, and drift along the current. They meet people, they trade, and they learn the culture, the food from other ethnics. This is the reason for the diversity of culture in this region. Come to An Giang, you can try so many tasteful, yet simple, just like the people of this land.

Long Xuyen fish noodle (bún cá Long Xuyên):
Fish noodle is a typical dish of the Southern part of Vietnam. In any province in the Southern part, you can find fish noodle. However, this was the origin of all the “bún cá” in the Southern Vietnam. The bowl of Long Xuyen fish noodle is different from its “brothers” like Chau Doc or Kien Giang fish noodle. The yellow in the bowl is from the pumpkins flowers added into mix of sweetness of the snakehead fish and the tenderness of the herbs. A slice of fried rolls and a small bowl of fish sauce will end yours flavor with boldness.

Long Xuyen fish noodle
(Besides its sweet and delicious fish, an addition fried, the fish sauce with some chili slices and the pumpkins flowers are the trademark of the Mekong Delta.)

Chau Doc fish noodle (Bún cá Châu Đốc ):
In Chau Doc, beside of fish sauce, the people here also invented another type of sauce. This sauce is stronger in flavor and also the smell. The best chefs know how to add the sauce into the noodle so that the soup can be bold and explosive yet the smell cannot emerge. This is the secret that only the people in the business known.
A part from the main ingredient is the fish, you can also add in the traditional Vietnamese bologna, roasted pork and a little bit of herbs. The differences between the Mekong’s fish noodle are not much, yet each of them has a unique in flavor that you must try to know.

Chau Doc fish noodle
(A full combat ready bowl of Chau Doc fish sauce that you must eat with viciousness)

Vinh Trung soup cake (Bánh canh Vĩnh Trung):
In the list of the most tasty, most unique and also most bizarre dish in the land of the Seven Mountains, “bánh canh” has an indispensable spot. It is a combination of beef meat ball, pork chop and many more other types of herbs.
Influenced by the Khmer culture, the bowl of soup cake has a very strong flavor of fried garlic put on top of the smoking soup cake bowl. This dish is considered the joint between many cultures in the Southern part of Vietnam with the flavors that will never be forgotten in the memory of tourists.

Vinh Trung soup cake
(A walk around Vinh Trung market, you can find at least 4 to 5 restaurants that served the soup cake)

Thoai Son shrimp soup cake (bánh canh tép Thoại Sơn):
If the Tinh Bien is famous for its Vinh Trung soup cake that has the flavor of the Khmer that was mentioned above, the Thoai Son soup cake is also known for its shrimp soup cake. There are several places try to replicate the renowned Thoai Son soup cake, yet the best place is still Thoai Son itself. The cake, made with the right force and the right heat, has a gloomy white which is perfect for the crystal clear soup. In addition to the main ingredients, the fried and crunchy shrimps are as well important. You can also add in some slice of pork skin, dried squids and also the frozen pork blood to increase the flavor of the soup cake. I tell you, is it bizarre or what?

Thoai Son shrimp soup cake
(Eat, and you can never stop eating the soup cake)

Barbecue Beef with rice blanket (bánh hỏi bò đun):
Visiting Chau Doc, along with the souvenirs, you must at any cost try the special grill beef of Chau Doc. Why the beef is so special? For every slice of beef rolls, herbs like onion and cilantro is mixed with cheese. After that, the beef rolls are grilled in a big flame in a short time, but enough time for the flame to cook the beef from the outside in. This technique helps the vegetable cooked but not burned.

The rice blanket is another product of rice. From the white rice, the Vietnamese has created many more types of food from rice without bored the dinners. From rice, there is bún (noodle), rice paper, bánh hỏi (rice blanket), and these are the most famous and most used.

Barbecue Beef with rice blanket
Eating along with the beef and a bowl of fish sauce (you have to see it on the table, otherwise there is something wrong) and a dish of herbs would be perfect.
(Shared the delicious dish with your friends and family)



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