The intact 300-year-old temple in Bac Giang

Located in Bac Giang province, Dinh Vuong Temple was constructed on a scale and broad textures. In spite of the age, nearly 300, the temple stays intact because the temple didn’t go through any restoration in the past.

temple in Bac Giang 1

Dinh Vuong Temple is located in Hau neigborhood, in Lien Chung ward, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province. Besides the name that was named after the village, the temple is also known as Prosperity Temple, due to the similarity in pronunciation of Vường, the name of the village and Vượng or prosperity. The temple has many structures like the main hall, the yard, the garden, the worship house… The temple is situated atop of a hill, and designed into three sections: main hall, the sideway and the harem. The main hall is divided into three sections with two wings.

temple in Bac Giang 2

Dinh Vuong Temple was built on a small hill side in Vuong Village, where its altar can face south, where the Danh Mountain is. On the left is Cong Village, on the right is Giua Village, behind is Hau Village.

temple in Bac Giang 3

Dinh Vuong Temple worship St. Cao Son – Quy Minh, two saints that worked in the Forbidden City. There are three letters above say “Thượng Đẳng Thần” or the high saints. The sculptures are simple, yet they are aligning perfectly with each other. The interior was designed follow the folklore style. There are also two cranes guarding the temple.

temple in Bac Giang 4

In the main hall, floor and board system, are still intact. The two main halls and the harem are separated by the forbidden door system, which is only opened when there is a ceremony.

temple in Bac Giang 5

In the main hall, there are pairs of white and pink horses being placed on the blue stone at the center of the hall.

temple in Bac Giang 6

The roofs are linked together in the old architecture style. On the roof, there are also many beautiful embossments.

temple in Bac Giang 7

The unique feature of Dinh Vuong Temple is the wooden frame that is fortified the entire hall. This feature makes the temple endures time, and the frame helps the temple preserves the architecture since Le and Nguyen dynasties.

temple in Bac Giang 8

In addition to the architectural value, the temple also witnessed many historical moments. In the first Indochina War, the temple was the headquarters of the Lower Yen the region’s resistance forces, supported the forward base in Danh Mountain. In the Vietnam War, the temple was the archive the national movie archive for almost 10 years.

temple in Bac Giang 9

Four curves at the corner of the temple’s roof. They were set like the dragons ascend into the sky.

temple in Bac Giang 10

The stairs were made from one solid rock piece.



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