Also located in the Vung Tau province, Ho Tram beach is possibly one of the best beaches within close proximity of Saigon.  The area where Ho Tram is located was originally known as a sanatorium where the diseased would be taken for holistic treatment.  Nowadays, it is simply a small fishing and tourism town with pristine beaches and very few hotels.  With plans to develop this currently underdeveloped area, many speculate that the Ho Tram area will become the next Nha Trang.  Recently, a Canadian development company built the magnificent hotel The Grand Ho Tram Strip, a Vegas-style resort and casino, the only one of its kind in Vietnam.

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Currently, Ho Tram is visited mostly by wealthy Vietnamese as a quiet retreat and by tourists looking for an escape from the bustling cities.  As a result, the Ho Tram beach and nearby Ho Coc beach are immaculately clean.  In fact, The Grand Ho Tram resort has flattened their proximate beach area quite far out so not only is the water clean but also relatively safe as you can go quite a ways into the water and still only be waist deep.  If you are traveling with kids, this resort on Ho Tram beach is a safer choice since the beaches in Vietnam are generally unmanned.

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Details:  Ho Tram beach is more remote than Vung Tau, so getting there can be arduous by public transportation – in fact, you would have to go to Vung Tau first and then find your way to Ho Tram from there, but it is still a 45-minute trip from Vung Tau.  The easiest way to go to Ho Tram beach is by private car or shuttle.  The hotels in Ho Tram can can arrange a shuttle or car for you from Ho Chi Minh City.  If you have a room booked, the shuttle is free of charge.  Without a booking, the prices vary depending on which mode of transport you prefer.  The Grand hotel even offers a helicopter pick up if that’s your style!!  By road, Ho Tram beach is 1.5-2 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City.

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