The Beautiful ‘Flower Paradise’ Moc Chau In The Pre-Tet Days

Moc Chau is like the glorious painting of nature where the plum blossom, the virgin white of the cauliflower and the shy pink of cherry mix together to create a true heaven on earth. For a long time ago, when we talked about Moc Chau, we talked about the green of miles and miles of tea fields, about the blue mountains in the far away. But now, when we talk about Moc Chau, we talk about the whiteness of a thousand flowers that no one should ever miss. The plum and cherry seasons come in the early days of spring, and the scene is unforgettable. Moc Chau, in the seasons of the flowers, is a heaven in the cloud. From the 6th Road to Moc Chau, the way to heaven appeared to be opened for us. Above us, the clear blue sky of spring and with us was the thick green of the middle mountains of heaven. And finally, we came to heaven. In front of our eyes was the white of the plum, the scattered red of new cherries. From above, the plum trees connected into a giant cloud covered the mountain range. However, when you are close enough, each blossom was like a piece of light from the sky.

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 6



Flower Paradise Moc Chau

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 2

The blossoms, stick i the trees, reflected the sunshine of the early morning lighted the entire space and shined every corner of Moc Chau. In between the reflected sunshine of the plum, the red of cherry sneak into the big picture like shy a smile of a local girl. The two flowers’ colors mixed with each other characteristics tied together to create a true masterpiece of nature. The plum flowers knitted together like an umbrella for the kids to play under it. The flowers cover the roof of the people in Moc Chau. On the other hand, cherry flowers are like the highlights in the pure white. Looking farther and broader than that, you can see the blue of the sky, the emerald green of the forest. Here in Moc Chau, the spirit of heaven, presented itself through the beauty of flowers, mixed with the simple soul of the earth.

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 3

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 4

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 5

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 8

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 9

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 11

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 12

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 13

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 14

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 16

Flower Paradise Moc Chau 15



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