Exploring the Pu Si Lung – roof of the Northern border

As the most pristine, mysterious and fascinating mountain in Vietnam, the legendary peak Pu Si Lung located in the province of Lai Chau is the dream destination of many adventurous travelers.

The Northwest region is where thousands of alpine stood for thousands of years as walls protecting Vietnam. On the border between Vietnam – China, Pu Si Lung peak situated at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, the highest mountain in between the national borders. We make the journey to conquer this peak in the cold weather of the North.

Pu Si Lung 1

Scheduling carefully and contacting the authorities, we bring our paper work to the headquarters of Lai Chau border guards, and then crossing the mountain passes, bringing the referral paper to the border post Pa Vệ Sủ, located in the deepest part of Muong Te district, Lai Chau province.

Pu Si Lung 2

So is the arduous cross-country journey, but we are very much bless to receive the encouragement and help from the border posts, the welcome and the warm from the people here. We visit the village of Sín Chải A, meet the village chief and have an intimate New Year dinner with the La Hủ people.

Pu Si Lung 3

Leaving the Sin Chai A, we pull up our car and go deeper into the forest, starting a very difficult journey to the peak. In the spring, the reed’s white blossoms cover the passes to the mountain.

Pu Si Lung 4

Along the journey, there are many major ferocious streams with rock underneath the water with only a simple bridge made from broken trees from the previous flood season that we must go through to reach our destination. The cold and slippery rocks make everyone numb their feet. You have to be very careful if you do not want to get wet.

Pu Si Lung 5

The night in the heart of the valley, we are surrounded by the wilderness, and the fire is flickered in the dark, and murmuring streams are under the silvery light of the moon and stars overhead.

Pu Si Lung 6

Gorgeous mountain scenery with the fresh air and clouds of mist scatter around us. Sometimes, we’re wondering if we were drift into the hills of the white wildflowers. We step on the carpet of dried leaves or flowers and when we look up, the sky is colored in light red of rose.

Pu Si Lung 7

It is a very long road, up and down but we arrive finally. We cry with joy when we see the landmark standing there on concrete floors at the top of the mountain. The border guards check the status of the border mark, perform sacred rituals and take photographs. Our GPS confirm the altitude is 2866m. This is one of the highest border posts in the territory of Vietnam.

Pu Si Lung 8

The sky turns dark, and the cold air and fog start to surround us. We know that we have to depart quickly to our rest shack even we have to go in the dark. Our delegation includes experienced climbers, forged in the height and the cold of many mountains, but this journey is a very difficult challenge, yet memorable and meaningful.

Pu Si Lung 9

From the peak of Pu Si Lung, there is a long journey ahead. We have to follow the guards in order not to step into the border of China. We go through the bamboo forest to the jungle, where the atmosphere is so wet that every tree is cover in moss.

Pu Si Lung 10

We take out the national flag and take photos with pride when we have successfully conquered the mountain is known as the roof of the border.



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