The most colorful rocky beach in Vietnam

In addition to the beautiful sand dune Bau Sen, Binh Thuan also owns the rainbow rocky beach, which was recognized by the Vietnam Guinness as “most fascinating shape and colorful beach in Vietnam”.

colorful rocky beach - vietnam

About 200 kilometers to the northeast of HCMC, Binh Thuan is a land Blessed by nature. The province has beaches with rocky mountains, together with evergreen forest. Binh Thuan is a land where nature’s wonders and enchantment still dominate the sky and the earth.

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Ta Cu is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Binh Thuan. Coming to Ta Cu, looking to the east, you can observe the beautiful coastline.

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Despite the harsh, arid climate, Binh Thuan still flourishes. Nature does not abused, but it has given to this land not only the vast sea, the forests and mountains, but also the beautiful sand dunes like no other. For miles, the vast of the prairie seems to be endless.

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Traveling under the hot sun on the skin burning road, visitors can stop to rest and to enjoy some special cuisines of Binh Thuan. Ham Thuan Nam plantation is the largest dragon fruit plantation in the region. Across the region, the dragon fruit flourishes in this dry and harsh land.

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Next to the Bau Sen beach is Bau Trang, all combine to create a magnificent scene. Coming to these beautiful beaches, tourists can choose to boat to the vast sand dunes or to drive on the all-terrain-vehicle to those sand dunes.

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Ke Ga Cape Lighthouse is a new destination, chosen by many young backpackers who want an unforgettable experience. Here, you can camp overnight for the next morning sunrise. It is truly an indescribable feeling to listen to the waves embrace the shore, to feel the breeze, and to see the sunrise.

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Not far away from Ke Ga Cape is also a destination chosen by many married couples to take the photoshoot. There are many rocks here in all kinds of shapes lying on the sands, waiting to rise from the waves.

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The rainbow rocky beach is also known to the locals as “pebble beach in La Gan”. It is recognized as the most colorful beach in Vietnam. Stepping on the rocks on the bare feet, you can feel the warm of the sun shining down to the earth. A hot spa here on these rocks next to the sea will be a fantastic experience.

colorful rocky beach - vietnam 9

Along the coastal line from Mui Ne to Hoa Thang is one of the most beautiful road in the country. The scene attracts tourists by its unspoiled nature, yet full of charm with white sand and blue sea whispers under sunshine.

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Binh Thuan also has two preserved ancient heritages, which are Po Sah Inu tower structures and the Podam tower structures. In particular, Po Sah Inu Tower (also known as Cham Pho Hai Tower) in the city of Phan Thiet is the holy ground, where the annual festivals of the Cham people in Binh Thuan took place.

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With so many attractive destinations, Binh Thuan is chosen by many young people who want to explore. Traveling on the road between the endless prairie of grasslands or on the coastal path, hearing the whispering waves is truly a captivating experience for young people.



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