Tips for travelling in Chau Doc
Châu Đốc is a city in An Giang Province, bordering Cambodia, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The...
Smiling lion, wooden fish
I entered a huge three-story gallery whose plain white walls were covered with paintings of strange creatures. Under the...
Lift up your heads, you mighty gates
Since ancient times, the village gate has served as more than just an entrance or exit. Many villages have...
2 Rappers and the ‘Beautiful Saigon’ song

Young Saigonians are very active and always looking for new things from abroad. Rap is a genre that Wowy & Nah, the two rappers choose to express their ego

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Cu Chi Tunnels & Cao Dai Temple

Throughout the Vietnam-American War, the Viet Cong built an enormous network of tunnels that were used as meeting points, hiding places, supply routes and more

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Can Gio Island

Also known as Monkey Island, Can Gio Island is actually a series of small islands just jutting out from the mainland near HCMC

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Three coffee houses with unalike styles in Saigon

Eating your cup after having the coffee, playing with lovely parrots, or wondering if you are in the movie “Inception” are the features of these three bizarre yet interesting coffee houses in the middle of Saigon.

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Vietnam tourist attractions open for free, offer diverse activities during Tet

A number of relics in Hanoi, Hue, and Hoi An Ancient Town will be open to tourists for free during Tet (Lunar New Year), while a myriad of activities are poised to take place in several other localities to celebrate the holiday.

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The Saigon Cháo Lady

As everyone in Vietnam knows, when your tummy is a bit under the weather, or you have any kind of cold or flu symptoms, it’s time for some good CHÁO.

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Hochiminh City, the country’s cultural and tourist center

HCM City is only 300 years old but has many human and historical values created by the exchange of different cultures. The culture of the former Saigon and present-day HCM City shows an original characteristic of the Vietnamese culture

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My New “Best Phở in Saigon” at Phở Phú-Vương

The horizon has turned jet black. The continuous rumble of thunder is growing louder. The dragonflies are swarming at the edge of my 4th-floor balcony. I’ve unplugged my laptop, just in case of a near lightning strike

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The Wonderful (and weird) Street Food Of Vietnam

It’s a very hot day in Vietnam. An old-fashioned fan circulates tepid air at an excruciatingly slow pace, as if to match the droning of mosquitoes buzzing in our ears. Around us children and adults lay comatose on threadbare cots while an old lady juices dozens of stems of fresh sugarcane

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Vietnam Diaries – 10 Things to do in Saigon

If you’re ticking things off a bucket list, Vietnam is bound to rank highly on your list of places to see. However most itineraries focus on the surreal beauty of Halong Bay and the tiered tea and coffee plantations of Dalat

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