Saigon’s Parks & Open Spaces
Saigon used to be famous for its lush street vegetation and abundant greenery. Visitors during French colonial times would...
Conquering legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass
The Happy Road was built by thousands of volunteers from the 16 ethnic groups of 8 provinces in the...
Ban Gioc Waterfall: An Illustrated Guide
Ban Gioc FallsBan Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive natural sights. Located in the northeastern province of...
The Beautiful ‘Flower Paradise’ Moc Chau In The Pre-Tet Days

Moc Chau is like the glorious painting of nature where the plum blossom, the virgin white of the cauliflower and the shy pink of cherry mix together to create a true heaven on earth

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Ghenh Da Dia

With natural stones, strangely structured rocks, columns or obliques of frozen mineral flows, Ghenh Da Dia (Rapids of Stone Plates) is considered as a masterpiece of stone gifted by the nature.

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Ha Long Bay

UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ha Long Bay is both mystical and magnificent, an incredible feat of nature that almost never fails to impress.

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The Con Dao Islands

The Con Dao Islands (also known as Poulo Condore) are an archipelago of 15 islands situated in the South China Sea, around 250 kilometres, or a 45-minute flight, from Ho Chi Minh City

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The Vietnam

Men are mesmerized by the beauty of nature, and men want to keep the nature for their own. However, here in Con Dao Island, men cannot change the beauty of this wonderful island but can only watch and adore

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Biologist devoted to preserving terrestrial crabs in Vietnam

For more than a decade, a Ph.D. holder has dedicated himself to promoting the sustainable exploitation of a variety of terrestrial crabs

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Mekong Delta city aspires to thrive as tourist hub, flower exporter

A long-standing flower city in a Mekong Delta province is aspiring to become one of the delta region’s spearhead tourist cities and a major flower exporter.

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Flowering seasons across Vietnam tempting for backpackers, tourists

In recent years, more backpackers have trekked on bike across the country for rewarding tastes of stunning flower seasons, which also draw influxes of domestic and international tourists.

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Exploring Vietnam’s first-ever volcanic cave system, including SE Asia’s longest grotto

A member of Vietnam’s travel agent association has told Tuoi Tre (Youth) about his eye-opening experience exploring the country’s first-ever volcanic cave system, one part of which is considered the longest such feature in Southeast Asia.

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5 Places Not To Be Missed While in Nha Trang

A greeting from the beach capital of Vietnam, Nha Trang is one of the place you should be once you visit Vietnam. For miles of beach with the rain only comes from October to December

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