Tips for travelling in Chau Doc
Châu Đốc is a city in An Giang Province, bordering Cambodia, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The...
What to eat in Hoi An?
Hoi An was used to be one of the most busiest seaport of the Inner Region during the Vietnam...
What to eat in Ben Tre?
For miles the coconut trees cover the land, the gardens with fruits ripe on the trees, the people are...
What to eat in Ninh Thuan?

Ninh Chu, Vinh Hy bay, Ca Na or the ancient and mystical tower Champa or the romantic sand hill of Nam Cuong, but also the notorious delicious list of cuisines: dried squid, shrimp cake, chicken rice, iguanas, goat, lamb and many more.

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What to eat in Phu Quoc?

Enriched with the flavor of the sea, the sardinella salad is loved by many people. This bucolic meal, yet elegant, is the reason why so many people come to Phu Quoc every year to enjoy the sea and the delicious sardinella salad.

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What to eat in Soc Trang?

Coming to Soc Trang, you will not only have the chance to admire the beauty of Khmer temples, Vietnamese temple, or Chinese temples, but also many historic and tourists destinations and most importantly, the wonderful world of culinary of the region.

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What to eat in Can Tho?

As the capital of the west, Cần Thơ has an extensive list of fruits, vegetables, seafood, which combine to make the best cuisines in the entire region. One major characteristic of Cần Thơ is that every dish has to have rice, which is the region’s finest, and so many herbs that just make lives better.

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What to eat in Phu Quy Island?

Isolated from the mainland, Phú Quý possesses an untamed beauty that cannot be found in anywhere else. But beyond that untamed and wild beauty are the friendly locals and extraordinary seafood that will stick to your memory forever

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What to eat in Tay Ninh?

Tây Ninh is a provincial city in southwestern Vietnam. It is the capital of Tây Ninh Province, which encompasses the town and much of the surrounding farmland

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What to eat in Gia Lai?

Gia Lai, the land of the Mountains, attracts tourists not only by its majestic beauty but also the wild and amazing culinary culture

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Sea Tuna Eyes – A special dish from Phu Yen Province

Sea Tuna eyes are fatty and have a unique flesh flavor, when eating it you can taste the sweetness and spiciness remain on your tongue.

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Tadpoles braised bamboo in Thanh Hoa

The white belly, soft and fat tadpoles braised with bamboo is a cuisine that not so many have the guts to enjoy

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Shrimp Cake – The delicious cuisine of Thanh Hoa

Shrimp Cakes simple dish is but also in the most delicious in Thanh Hoa, a very suitable cuisine to eat in the cold rainy day.

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